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is blackmailing europe over energy. >> customers continue to say they need the pipeline. >> fossil fuel industry will always outspend everybody else. >> look at what is happening in ukraine. >> it's mainly about energy. >> great suggestions, one the keystone pipeline. >> marketplace continues to push to build the pipeline. >> i'm right when i talk about that inherent link between energy and security. >> i know that pipeline is necessary. >> america needs pipelines. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. we're getting into the say anything, do anything phase of the keystone xl pipeline. all the smart people saying we got to have it. we must not be very secure right now. if we don't build this pipeline, we're not going to be very secure. you see, conservatives what they're doing right now is that they are exploiting a foreign policy situation overseas to get something that they really want and they really don't know a whole hell of a lot about. they are shamelessly using the crisis in the ukraine to push for the keystone xl pipeline. i say not so fast. the conservative noise machine is
, including in energy. and we think it makes a lot of sense to have this pipeline proceed, but not only proceed with can needian oil but balkan oil from canada. the oil is coming down to the united states now, as the state department has properly documented, it's coming down on rail and you and i both know highway 2 in north dakota, 500 tanker trucks a day with oil and we think it makes more sense to be an to pipeline. >> so, tar sands oil, to be very clear is already being refined in the gulf? >> yes, it is. >> okay. and this would just bring more of it to market? >> well, not -- well, yes it would bring more, but it would bring it with a pipeline and the state department, you have people, as you say, on either side of this issue. >> sure h. >> but if we look at the independent dent meritorious review of the state department and the 2,000 pages, they say it's safer, it's less cost and it has less greenhouse gases to have it on a pipeline rather than rail and trucks. and as i say, you and i both know highway 2 in north dakota. >> sure. >> 7500 -- 500 trucks a day you have a democratic s
throughout this time? no. >> the e-mail from kevin conroy, terry's campaign manager alleges energy prices have risen over the past few years. they claim prices will continue to rise if the keystone xl pipeline isn't approved by the president. it says i'm proud of the work leer the have i doing to lower energy costs at home by passing keystone xl. it doesn't stop there. the group also expressed how they feel their elected officials aren't taking them seriously. even when they've made trips to washington to see the lawmakers who represent them. >> i used to think whoever you elected in office, juvenile, they were working for you. >> for you. >> that's not the way it's happening? >> i woke up. i was a guy -- i was that naive. until we went to washington, like i said, we went to senator johanns, his first comment to us was i don't care about you and the pipeline. >> on september 19, executive director was bullied by republican lawmakers at a house hearing on keystone xl. >> what qualifies you? we've got three experts. do you hold a graduate level degree in any relevant field?
's something that he really would feel comfortable doing. personally, i don't. >> the shift to a cleaner energy economy won't happen overnight. and it will require some tough choices along the way. >> -- the president in the national interest comment period. i guess i would use the word nation, we're a nation of people. and if something is in the national interest, i would think that each person in the nation should somehow be better for the project if it's found in the national interest. >> when our children's children look us in the eye and ask if we did all we could to leave them a safer, more stable world with new sours of energy, i want us to be able to say yes, we did. >> it's time to step up. you can't say these things and make these speeches and then be the hypocrites that don't do something when it's on their plate. >> the president made climate change a top priority during his state of the union address. and hz tried to change the game with executive orders to reduce carbon emissions. >> over the past eight years the united states has reduced our total carbon pollution more than any o
will strengthen our economy, create jobs and promote north american energy independence. i question the second one on creating jobs. it ain't that many. now, on the fly. side opposition is growing day by day. i don't know if it's going end up with a half million people in washington, d.c., but one of nebraska's biggest newspapers has come out against the pipeline. today the york news times, number three in the state, said, nebraska should never support the pipeline in its current plan. the paper expressed serious concerns about the possibility of contaminating the aquifer. it pointed out nebraska really relies on this water source to survive as a state and a region, and if the aquifer were compromised and contaminated with oil, the consequences simply would be devastating. so the entire region. a new report from the nonprofit, nonprofit carbon tracker initiative -- i never heard of this before -- carbon tracker initiative, reveals possible flaws with the state department's report. this is what lefties have been yelling about, the report is flawed. now according to the carbon tracker, state departm
.s. energy security if you can bring more barrels from a continental source. >> they're the best used car salesmen you'll find. but they only have to sell you one car and then when that car is sold, they're going to be out of the country. there's no -- >> they're already out of the country. >> there's no warranty on this used car that they're going to sell us. >> but there is another facet to this project and story which has received little or no attention, the concerns of the native americans. the pipeline is strategically placed through the united states so it doesn't touch reservation land. although it comes within feet of the reservation along the route. the sioux nation still has concerns about the steel city segment of the project which cuts through south dakota. this connects with the cushing extension of the pipeline in kansas. portions of the project have already been constructed, but the native americans are determined to make sure their concerns are met. although some state lawmakers claim they never heard from the sioux tribe. >> i never was contacted by any of the tribal lead
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6